biomedical engineering, neuroscience, assay automation, microscopy, calcium imaging, microfluidics, molecular biology (cloning, crispr, genetics), c. elegans biology, cell culture, statistics, solidWorks, 3d printing, matlab, javascript, arduino, processing, r, photography, html, surfing, windsurfing, kiting, skiing, snowboarding

selected graduate work

guest lecture (invited) (cs4802/573/582, bcb4802/502): biovis in support of neuro research slides

an interactive heatmap of neural activity modulators from a high-throughput screen, and a similar interactive heatmap of preliminary high-content screening data.

the C. elegans connectome as a force-directed network graph, an adjacency matrix, and an arc diagram.

needleman-wunsch sequence alignment visualization to align and visulize two string sequences (DNA, protein, RNA, etc.).

an interactive human map kinase network

bme595t biomems final project designing, fabricating, and characterizing a microfluidic behavioral chemical screening chamber array for C. elegans (click on the image to the right for videos of testing)

ma/bcb584 bioinformatics final project significant gene expression and variance in patients with autism and relatedness to paternal age

bcb501 bioinformatics final project phylogenetic history and method comparison of voltage-gated calcium channel subunits using the ape library in r

select undergraduate projects

major qualifying project surface modifications promote photo-stimulated contraction in c2c12 myotubes
inquiry seminar psychophysical genius: a theory, a controversy, a refinement

early success and inspiration

our solar powered solution to global warming at the mit state science fair (2008-2009)

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