Ross C. Lagoy, PhD

curriculum vitae

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news updates

(2018) the human Timothy syndrome mutation causes developmental arrest in C. elegans, a recent micoPublication of our discovery!

(2018) a press release on our recent inventions for whole-organism immobilization and automated functional screening.

(2018) presentation at MIT, New automated screening technologies identify acute and chronic modulators of neural activity in C. elegans.

(2018) our recent publication on a cost-effective automated method for delivering fluid from multiwell plates to microfluidic devices.

my portfolio page, featuring an interactive C. elegans connectome, a sequence alignment visualization, and an interactive human map kinase network.

selected accomplishments

2018 national academy of inventors honorary member
2018 nsf igert competative innovation funds grant (PI) $15K
2016 nsf ehr grant (for wurj) $35K
2016 tri-state new jersey spartan beast finisher 06:52:20
2015 wpi undergraduate research journal editor-in-chief and co-founder
2015 alfred r. and janet h. potvin award for outstanding graduate student
2014 boston half marathon finisher 01:43:47
2014 nsf graduate research fellowship program honorable mention (2,000 out of >12,000)
2014 teaching assistant of the year award (1 out of 142)
2013 hawaii hibiscus 5 miler 43:54
2013 wpi alumni association outstanding leadership award
2013 wpi crimson and gray award for significant contributions in improving quality of life at wpi
2011 certificate of appreciation u.s. special olympics unified partner

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